The main goal of the PPGH is to train professors and researchers to work in higher education institutions, in professional bodies, scientific and technological education institutes, in basic education, as well as in archives, museums, libraries, the private sector in general, and various other spaces dedicated to the promotion of culture and preservation of historical memory.
For this reason, in close relationship with the undergraduate program, the PPGH-UFBA seeks to offer training that allows our graduates to be successful in their applications for positions in public or private institutions that require services related to the expertise of a trained historian.
To this end, the PPGH-UFBA has sought to contribute to the improvement of historical knowledge through original research, theoretical and methodological discussions developed in regularly offered courses and research group meetings, as well as organizing short courses, seminars, workshops, and colloquia with the participation of national and foreign researchers. The PPGH-UFBA focuses on the production and publication of first-rate research carried out by its professors and students, promoting the circulation of innovative historical knowledge at the regional, national and international level.